RTA Outdoor Living G7 L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Island with Coyote 36-Inch C-Series Grill, Fridge and Refreshment Bar

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  • A functional L-Shape outdoor kitchen with ample preparation space, an outdoor refrigerator, refreshment center, and bar seating to add maximum utility to any outdoor living room. From serving drinks to cleaning up after cooking this outdoor kitchen accommodates all your serving styles while adding comfortable seating space and more. This island has an interior linear dimension of 11 feet and an exterior of 17 feet.

    This backyard kitchen grill island is designed for the Coyote 30-Inch S-Series Built-In Grill available in either natural gas or propane. 

    Key Features:

    • Coyote 30″ S-Series Grill
    • Coyote 21″ Outdoor Refrigerator
    • 31″ Double Access Doors
    • More Then 25 square feet of Preparation Space
    • Comfortable Seating for Three People
    • Coyote Refreshment Center
    • 17″ Single Access Door
    • Proprietary Concrete Island Frames
    • 1.25″ Thick Chiseled-Edge Concrete Countertops
    • Interior Linear Dimensions: 11 feet
    • Exterior Linear Dimensions: 17 feet


    • Grill Island Dimensions: 84" W x 34.5" H x 28" D
    • Grill Countertop Dimensions: 88" W x 1.25" H x 32" D
    • Bar Island Dimensions: 84" W x 39.25" H x 24" D
    • Bar Countertop Dimensions: 88" W x 1.25" H x 36" D
    • Island Total Weight: 1849 lbs
    • Countertop Material: Multi-Component Proprietary Concrete Composite
    • Island Frame Material: Multi-Component Proprietary Concrete Composite
    • Fuel Type: Gas or Propane
    • Grill Dimensions: 35.5" W x 23" H x 25.5" D

      Island Finishing Options:

      • Stacked Stone
      • Weathered Wood
      • Reclaimed Brick
      • Modern Concrete

      Color Palette Options:

      • Stone Gray
      • Brown Terra
      • Modern White

        36" Coyote C-Series Grill

        • Four high performance Coyote Infinity Burners
        • One infrared rear burner
        • One Coyote RapidSear™ infrared burner
        • 700 square inches of cooking area
        • Up to 70,000 BTU of output
        • Ceramic Briquette Heat Control Grids
        • Complete 304 stainless steel construction
        • Interior grill lighting
        • LED illuminated knobs
        • Rotisserie kit and smoker box included
        • Optional wind guard 

        21" Coyote Outdoor Refrigerator

        • Outdoor rated; UL certified; DOE certified
        • Exterior constructed with 304 stainless steel
        • Coyote professional style handle
        • Right or left hinge option
        • Front, bottom ventilation for freestanding or built-in applications
        • White interior
        • Interior light
        • Adjustable thermostat for temperature control
        • Automatic defrost
        • Premium shelving
        • 4.1 cubic foot capacity

        Coyote Refreshment Center

        The Coyote Refreshment Center adds premium entertaining capabilities to your outdoor living area. Aside from the endless enjoyment this outdoor refreshment station is constructed out of 304 stainless steel and provides:

        • Removable Condiment / Beverage Shelf
        • Towel Hook
        • Bottle Opener
        • Sink with Integrated Cutting Board
        • Outdoor Faucet

        The refreshment center also helps keep drinks and food cool:

        • Fully Insulated Drop In Cooler
        • Drain Hole with Plug
        • 2.4 Cubic Foot Capacity

        Changing the Outdoor Space

        RTA Outdoor Living set out to remove the challenges associated with selecting, designing, and building outdoor kitchens by creating a one-supplier source. This has been accomplished through a strategic partnership with Coyote Outdoor Living and the manufacturing of an easy and affordable alternative to conventional outdoor kitchen construction while maintaining a higher quality. Given the fast pace of the modern world, we need a place to unwind and reconnect with those who matter most. We want others to be able to create their own space, easily and affordable, for their family to share for years to come.


        RTA Outdoor Living has simplified the construction process by using structural high-strength concrete panels (precast with a stone, wood, or concrete face) that can be assembled in a few hours with a couple of people. In comparison, scratch-built and ready-to-finish (RTF) outdoor kitchens require multiple materials, steps, and trades to complete.

        RTA panels are self-supporting and aesthetic with no finish or masonry work required. Panels are simply set in place, attached with L-brackets and self-tapping screws, corners are mounted, countertop and appliance are installed, and your kitchen is complete.

        RTA System

        • Built of 1 solid concrete-composite panel
        • Panels are the structure, nothing to rot, rust, or decay
        • The panel material is engineered specifically for the outdoor environment
        • No masonry skilled labor needed for finishing
        • Installed in hours with light construction skills (Countertops included)
        • Limited lifetime structural warranty

        RTF System

        • The final product is built of 4 - 5 layers
        • Aluminum or galvanized steel frame is vulnerable to movement and corrosion
        • Concrete board substrate is often not rated for outdoors
        • Requires experienced masonry labor for finishing
        • Installed in a few days to a week or more (Countertops not included)
        • Warranty varies / warranty on finish up to the installer

        L-Shaped Kitchens

        L-Shaped Outdoor kitchens offer the utility of a BBQ island with the added space for bar seating and additional appliance features. L-Shape kitchens are perfect for those who have the outdoor space to accommodate and the desire to entertain. An L-shaped kitchen can be created by combining any one of our G-Series islands with any one of our 3 B-Series Island options, allowing you to customize your L-Shaped outdoor kitchen.

        Gallery Kitchens

        The Galley Kitchen is another popular configuration option for a G-Series and B-Series island, providing an efficient cooking, preparation, and entertaining layout by positioning both islands parallel to each other. This option also gives you more flexibility in your layout overall.

        Panel Options

        All panel profiles are available in two distinct color palette options. A Brown Terra palette and a Gray Stone palette allowing you to match any landscape or urban environment.


        The signature 1.25" countertops are available in grayscale or taupe

        • Brown Terra Panel comes with Taupe Countertop
        • Gray Stone Panel comes with Gray Countertop
      • The RTA Outdoor Living structure shall be free from defects in workmanship and materials and has a lifetime limited structural warranty and a two – year surface finish warranty, subject to limitations and disclaimers set forth below.

        RTA Outdoor Living’s obligation under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement, at our option, of the product during the warranty period. Warranty does not cover labor to remove or install materials and does cover the cost of shipping replacement product. The extent of any liability of RTA Outdoor Living under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement.

        The warranty period is not extended by such repair or replacement. RTA Outdoor Living’s manufacturing process has been designed to imitate and re – imagine real stone, wood and other aesthetic surfaces. These surfaces may contain small air holes, surface cracks, and surface anomalies as part of the surface aesthetics and these are not considered manufacturing defects.


      • RTA (ready-to-assemble) Outdoor Living believes outdoor living promotes gathering and human connection. At the heart of the RTA system is a simplified alternative to outdoor masonry. Through this approach, RTA Outdoor Living avoids the high costs associated with building outdoor kitchens from scratch. These easy-to-build options make the luxury of an outdoor grill island accessible to everyone. It’s no wonder countless homeowners have trusted RTA Outdoor Living to create their own backyard oasis since 2017.

        RTA Outdoor Living manufactures their outdoor products in the heartland of America: Cambridge City, Indiana. Each outdoor kitchen and fire feature is hand-made in an Indiana manufacturing plant, then delivered and installed nationwide. 

        The RTA Outdoor Living Mission:

        To spark community through affordable, easy-to-build outdoor kitchens so friends and family can gather, break bread and build memories. Together.

      • We can't wait for you to enjoy your new BBQ Island.

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        What is BetterPatio's Premier (No Sweat) Delivery?

        No Sweat Delivery is BetterPatio's version of Premier White Glove delivery. We've partnered with a leading Last Mile Delivery provider to move your BBQ Island or Outdoor Fireplace to your preferred location (i.e. backyard, pool area). Highlights of BetterPatio's Premier (No Sweat) Delivery:

        • A single contact for your delivery questions and answers.
        • Opening and inspecting of your BBQ Island and/or Outdoor Fireplace prior to delivery appointment.
        • Appointment window of 2-4 hours.
        • Delivery is performed with a two-to-four person delivery team typically using a 20 to 24 foot box truck with lift gate capability.
        • Product is delivered to preferred location and set in place.
        • Order is uncrated, appliances and components unboxed and appliances placed as needed.
        • Removal of packing material debris including pallets and boxes.
        • Please note that the delivery team will not be equipped to perform plumbing installation, electrical wiring or services requiring the use of power tools. Leveling or additional grouting of islands is not included. Does not include additional equipment including forklifts, cranes or power jacks; stairs or steep inclines, or gate/fence removal.
        • Clear pathway must be accessible prior to delivery. 

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        • Freight carrier delivers your BBQ Island and/or Outdoor Fireplace curbside. Appointment required. Separate appointment required to move your items to your Preferred Location, usually within 48-72 hours.
        • Preferred Location delivery is performed with two-to-four delivery team members. 
        • Order is uncrated, appliances and components unboxed and appliances placed as needed.
        • Please note that the delivery team will not be equipped to perform plumbing installation, electrical wiring or services requiring the use of power tools. Leveling or additional grouting of islands is not included. Does not include additional equipment including forklifts, cranes or power jacks; stairs or steep inclines, or gate removal.
        • Clear pathway must be accessible prior to delivery.

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