RTA Outdoor Living 8 Foot Premium Grill Island with Coyote Luxury 36-inch Pellet Grill RTAC-G8-W

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  • Easily entertain and grill for all size gatherings and parties with the 8-foot RTA Outdoor Living Grill Island. This island is constructed with a component proprietary concrete composite panels and countertop. The included countertop has an optional chiseled edge and provides 17.5 square feet of preparation space to make parties and gatherings in your outdoor space that much better.

    This BBQ Grill Island is designed for the Coyote 36” Built-In Pellet Grill.

    As with all RTA Outdoor Living grill islands, the 8 foot outdoor BBQ kitchen can be combined with any of our bar islands or add-ons to further increase the utility of your outdoor living space.

    RTA Outdoor Living’s outdoor grill islands may not include shipping or installation. Installation costs, if any, should be minimal do to the unique installation process which significantly reduces the time to install (a few hours).

    Key Features:

    • Coyote Luxury 36″ Pellet Grill
    • Coyote 21″ Outdoor Refrigerator
    • 31″ Double Access Doors
    • More Then 17.5  square feet of Preparation Space
    • Proprietary Concrete Island Frame
    • Thick Concrete Countertop (optional)

        Key Dimensions:

        • Island Surround Dimensions: 90" Width x 34.5" Height x 30" Depth
        • Countertop Dimensions: 96" Width x 2" Height x 36" Depth
        • Island Total Weight: 1,084 lbs
        • Countertop Material: Multi-Component Proprietary Concrete Composite
        • Island Frame Material: Multi-Component Proprietary Concrete Composite 
        • Fuel Type: Gas or Propane 
        • Grill Dimensions: 35.5" Width x 23" Height x 25.5" Depth

          Island Finishing Options:

          • Stacked Stone
          • Weathered  Wood
          • Reclaimed Brick
          • Modern Concrete

          Color Palette Options:

          • Stone Gray
          • Brown Terra
          • Modern White 

          The RTA Outdoor Living 8 foot Premium Grill Island RTAC-G8-P includes the following components:

          Coyote Luxury 36″ Pellet Grill

          • Intuitive digital touch control
          • Dual fan, auger & drip tray
          • Smart drop pellet feed
          • Front loading pellet hopper
          • Spring assist hood
          • Double-walled canopy with gasket
          • Versa-Rack for multiple cooking surfaces
          • 304 Stainless steel
          • Interior grill lighting
          • Led light for temperature probes
          • Laser cut grates
          • Built-in timer & wind guard
          • 3 food temperature probes included
          • Electric power ignition (120V; 5A; 60HZ)
          • Individual smoke & sear grate included
          • Hopper capacity of 15 lbs
          • Temperature range of 175°F – 700°F

          Coyote 21″ Outdoor Refrigerator

          • Outdoor rated; UL certified; DOE certified
          • Exterior constructed with 304 stainless steel
          • Coyote professional style handle
          • Right or left hinge option
          • Front, bottom ventilation for freestanding or built-in applications
          • White interior
          • Interior light
          • Adjustable thermostat for temperature control
          • Automatic defrost
          • Premium shelving
          • 4.1 cubic foot capacity

          31″ Double Access Doors

          • Dual, hinged doors for built-in island applications
          • Completely constructed with 304 stainless steel
          • Professional style Coyote stainless steel handles
          • Commercial quality hinges for smooth operation
          • Rigid construction to ensure long term durability
          • Open interior for island/wall access capability
          • Beveled trim

              RTA Outdoor Kitchen Construction

              RTA Outdoor Kitchens are constructed from a patented Engineered Concrete Composite material. Each 1-1.25″ thick panel is engineered to be structural and include a factory finished facing. You assemble these panels using our patent pending alignment channel and bracket system.

              RTA engineers the outdoor kitchens to withstand any climate or environmental stresses it may face, achieved only using materials that are meant to be outside.RTA Outdoor Kitchens only use the very best materials:

              Composite Rebar: Non-corrosive, lightweight alternative to steel rebar. Used to reinforce all outdoor kitchen island panels and countertops. Composite rebar adds flexural and tensile strength to support weight and appliances.

              Composite Corners: Signature architectural composite fiber corners. These corners allow for slope adjustment in panels while maintaining aesthetic standard. We use the same composite fiber material for trim kits.

              Alignment Channels: Patent pending alignment channels made from 6063 aluminum. These channels are the key to the RTA assembly and leveling system.

              Stainless Steel Hardware: 304 Stainless Steel brackets used to attach island walls and brace the cabinet to the surface and countertop.

              Each RTA outdoor kitchen is handmade. This begins by collaborating with exterior designers and master craftsmen to make a standard profile. This standard offering includes finishes in Stone, Wood, Brick, and Modern Concrete. RTA offers these finishes in many colors for more variety.


              RTA Outdoor Living has simplified the construction process by using structural high-strength concrete panels (precast with a stone, wood, or concrete face) that can be assembled in a few hours with a couple of people. In comparison, scratch-built and ready-to-finish (RTF) outdoor kitchens require multiple materials, steps, and trades to complete.

              RTA panels are self-supporting and aesthetic with no finish or masonry work required. Panels are simply set in place, attached with L-brackets and self-tapping screws, corners are mounted, countertop and appliance are installed, and your kitchen is complete.

              RTA Outdoor Living Grill Islands are designed for easy installation and most islands should take 2 to 4 hours to assemble, based on size. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to see if RTA Outdoor Living Islands are right for you. If you have additional questions, please call us at 1-866-412-1555 and ask for BBQ Island Support. We would be happy to assist you!

              RTF System

              • The final product is built of 4 - 5 layers
              • Aluminum or galvanized steel frame is vulnerable to movement and corrosion
              • Concrete board substrate is often not rated for outdoors
              • Requires experienced masonry labor for finishing
              • Installed in a few days to a week or more (Countertops not included)
              • Warranty varies / warranty on finish up to the installer

              L-Shaped Kitchens

              L-Shaped Outdoor kitchens offer the utility of a BBQ island with the added space for bar seating and additional appliance features. L-Shape kitchens are perfect for those who have the outdoor space to accommodate and the desire to entertain. An L-shaped kitchen can be created by combining any one of our G-Series islands with any one of our 3 B-Series Island options, allowing you to customize your L-Shaped outdoor kitchen.

              Gallery Kitchens

              The Galley Kitchen is another popular configuration option for a G-Series and B-Series island, providing an efficient cooking, preparation, and entertaining layout by positioning both islands parallel to each other. This option also gives you more flexibility in your layout overall.

              Panel Options

              All panel profiles are available in two distinct color palette options. A Brown Terra palette and a Gray Stone palette allowing you to match any landscape or urban environment.

                • The RTA Outdoor Living structure shall be free from defects in workmanship and materials and has a lifetime limited structural warranty and a two – year surface finish warranty, subject to limitations and disclaimers set forth below.

                  RTA Outdoor Living’s obligation under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement, at our option, of the product during the warranty period. Warranty does not cover labor to remove or install materials and does cover the cost of shipping replacement product. The extent of any liability of RTA Outdoor Living under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement.

                  The warranty period is not extended by such repair or replacement. RTA Outdoor Living’s manufacturing process has been designed to imitate and re – imagine real stone, wood and other aesthetic surfaces. These surfaces may contain small air holes, surface cracks, and surface anomalies as part of the surface aesthetics and these are not considered manufacturing defects.


                • RTA (ready-to-assemble) Outdoor Living believes outdoor living promotes gathering and human connection. At the heart of the RTA system is a simplified alternative to outdoor masonry. Through this approach, RTA Outdoor Living avoids the high costs associated with building outdoor kitchens from scratch. These easy-to-build options make the luxury of an outdoor grill island accessible to everyone. It’s no wonder countless homeowners have trusted RTA Outdoor Living to create their own backyard oasis since 2017.

                  RTA Outdoor Living manufactures their outdoor products in the heartland of America: Cambridge City, Indiana. Each outdoor kitchen and fire feature is hand-made in an Indiana manufacturing plant, then delivered and installed nationwide. 

                  The RTA Outdoor Living Mission:

                  To spark community through affordable, easy-to-build outdoor kitchens so friends and family can gather, break bread and build memories. Together.

                • We can't wait for you to enjoy your new BBQ Island.

                  For items that are too large or fragile to be delivered via UPS, USPS and FedEx, we partner with carriers specializing in the transportation and delivery of Large Parcel freight. Shipping options will vary depending on the size of your item.

                  For these oversized items, BetterPatio has built a national network of reliable, professional last mile service providers who assist in the unloading, delivery and set up of your BBQ Island and/or Outdoor Fireplace.

                  If you are interested in any of these options, a customer support representative will be in touch with you after your purchase for follow up and estimates. 

                  What is BetterPatio's Free Curbside Delivery?

                  Free curbside delivery is the method used on all our freight shipments unless other arrangements are made. The driver is only obligated to deliver curbside at the end of your driveway. It will be your responsibility to move it from there. This option is ideal for those who have support or equipment to assist in moving your items to your preferred destination. While it's entirely possible to move freight shipments without additional assistance, we recommend our additional delivery services for a seamless experience.

                  Please note that Curbside Delivery is the only delivery option available with other retailers. If you do not have a way to lift heavy objects from your curb or driveway, please consider BetterPatio's Preferred Delivery options for a stress-free experience.

                  What is BetterPatio's Premier (No Sweat) Delivery?

                  No Sweat Delivery is BetterPatio's version of Premier White Glove delivery. We've partnered with a leading Last Mile Delivery provider to move your BBQ Island or Outdoor Fireplace to your preferred location (i.e. backyard, pool area). Highlights of BetterPatio's Premier (No Sweat) Delivery:

                  • A single contact for your delivery questions and answers.
                  • Opening and inspecting of your BBQ Island and/or Outdoor Fireplace prior to delivery appointment.
                  • Appointment window of 2-4 hours.
                  • Delivery is performed with a two-to-four person delivery team typically using a 20 to 24 foot box truck with lift gate capability.
                  • Product is delivered to preferred location and set in place.
                  • Order is uncrated, appliances and components unboxed and appliances placed as needed.
                  • Removal of packing material debris including pallets and boxes.
                  • Please note that the delivery team will not be equipped to perform plumbing installation, electrical wiring or services requiring the use of power tools. Leveling or additional grouting of islands is not included. Does not include additional equipment including forklifts, cranes or power jacks; stairs or steep inclines, or gate/fence removal.
                  • Clear pathway must be accessible prior to delivery. 

                  What is BetterPatio's Standard Preferred Delivery?

                  BetterPatio will coordinate with a local service provider to move your items from your curb or driveway to your preferred destination. 

                  • Freight carrier delivers your BBQ Island and/or Outdoor Fireplace curbside. Appointment required. Separate appointment required to move your items to your Preferred Location, usually within 48-72 hours.
                  • Preferred Location delivery is performed with two-to-four delivery team members. 
                  • Order is uncrated, appliances and components unboxed and appliances placed as needed.
                  • Please note that the delivery team will not be equipped to perform plumbing installation, electrical wiring or services requiring the use of power tools. Leveling or additional grouting of islands is not included. Does not include additional equipment including forklifts, cranes or power jacks; stairs or steep inclines, or gate removal.
                  • Clear pathway must be accessible prior to delivery.

                  If you are interested in these options, a customer support representative will be in touch with you after your purchase for follow up, estimate and deposit.

                  Questions regarding additional services?

                  We're available to talk at 1-866-412-1555, or simply email us at support@betterpatio.com for additional information. 

                  If you are interested in these options, a customer support representative will be in touch with you after your purchase for follow up and estimates. Let us handle the heavy lifting with BetterPatio's Preferred Delivery Options.


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