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American Renaissance Grill 36 inch Drop-In Gas Grill


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The American Renaissance Grill, a new line of premium barbecue grills that are manufactured in the U.S.A and offered at price points that give new meaning to the phrase “American values.”

Most would agree that cheeseburgers, ribs, barbecued chicken, and other quintessentially all-American cuisine deserves to be cooked on an all-American grill, the American Renaissance Grill.

Notice - Must be installed in a non-combustible cabinet for outdoor kitchen applications.

  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Blue LED Lights
  • Dual Internal Halogen Lights
  • 3 Briquette Trays with Ceramic Briquettes
  • Solid Square Bar Cooking Grids
  • Fold-Away Warming Rack
  • Rotisserie Rod Bearings Mounted to Grill
  • Spring Loaded Hood
  • Analog Temperature Gauge

Key Features

The hallmark of any luxury grill is the cooking system – its engine, so to speak – and this one is racecar-efficient. Powered by stainless-steel, U-shaped, burners, each packing up to 28,000 BTU’s, American Renaissance Grills can deliver a wide range of temperatures from low keep warm to searing heat. (The fact that the grills’ built-in, professional-grade, analog thermometer reaches 900 degrees is further evidence they can really crank up the heat.)

Heat deflector plates work in tandem with the burners to maximize the efficiency of the grill and minimize fuel consumption. The deflector plates incorporate ceramic briquets that are superior at retaining and evenly distributing heat across the grilling surface. The ceramic briquets have other advantages, too. They absorb meat drippings, evaporating them into smoke that enhances the flavor of foods. Plus, they are self-cleaning; just flip the plates over occasionally to burn off any residue.

The grills’ unique Sear-Marx cooking grids have heavy, thick, solid square bars made of 304 stainless steel that provide greater meat-to-grid surface area. The design not only produces Instagram-worthy sear marks, but the wide, flat surface of the bars creates greater area for conductive transfer of heat to food for better exterior browning. (Browning = flavor!) Beautiful; sear marks will ensue, making your steaks and veggies look like steakhouse-produced delectables.

A fold-away stainless-steel upper warming rack is there when you need it, but tucks out of the way when you don’t. Two interior halogen lights fully illuminate the grill surface, an especially handy feature when grilling at night. And, blue LED lights on the control knobs not only look cool take the guesswork out of whether you remembered to turn the grill off after cooking. (Pro tip, leave them on while the grill is burning and you can see them from inside, a reminder that you left the grill going)

American Renaissance Grill Series
Main Cooking Surface
33- 3/8" wide X 19-3/8" deep: 647 Sq. In.
Secondary Cooking Surface
33" wide X 8" deep: 264 Sq. In.
Total Cooking Surface Area
911 Sq. In
Number of Burners
3 Stainless U-Shape Burners
25,000 BTU's Per Burner
Cut Out
34 5/8" Wide x 23 1/4" Deep x 10 1/4" High
Country of Origin

Congratulations on your purchase of a quality gas grill from Renaissance Cooking Systems. We are sure that you will enjoy your gas grill for many years to come. Here are some steps you may want to follow before using your grill for the first time.

  1. Light all of the lower burners setting the control knobs on HIGH. Shut the lid of the grill and let it heat up for about 15 minutes. Then open the lid of the grill and let it heat for another 15 minutes.
  2. If you have a gas grill with a rotisserie, take out the spit rod four prong forks and handle then wash with hot, soapy water the spit rod and four prong forks before using them.
  3. If your grill has a rear rotisserie burner, using the ignitor light it and set the control knob on HIGH and let it heat up during the last 15 minutes while the grill lid is open.

The reason for performing these steps is to “burn off” any factory oils that are still on the burners, heat plates and interior body of the gas grill. Please make sure that you perform this process BEFORE using your new gas grill for the first time only. You are now ready to start cooking.

Before you cook each time-Some foods occasionally stick to the cooking grids. To help eliminate this, rub with Olive oil or spray with Canola oil to help reduce sticking.

Preheating -Set a control knob on HIGH/LIGHT and using the ignitor light up the burner. Following the same procedure light up all of the lower burners and set on HIGH.  Close the grill lid and preheat the grill for about 10 – 15 minutes.  Open the Grill lid and place food on the cooking grid over one burner.

Cooking-With most beef, chicken and pork products it usually works better to sear them on high, to seal in the juices and then relocate to a different burner with the heat turned down to MEDIUM or turn down the burner that the food is currently over to MEDIUM. You should sear both sides of whatever you are cooking before reducing the heat. Continue cooking over the MEDIUM heat until food reaches desired doneness.

It is also possible, on most gas grills, to cook using the indirect heat method. The indirect method is popular when cooking “thicker” pieces of meat or when you just want to cook slower. This can be achieved by placing the food on one end of the grill with the burner under the food “off”. The burner at the other end of the grill is on and usually set in the HIGH setting.



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