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KoKoMo Grills 7 Foot L-Shape BBQ Island With Bar Seating, Built-in BBQ Grill


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This L-Shape Outdoor Kitchen has a beautiful built-in four burner Kokomo Barbecue Grill with the Storage Door to access your liquid propane tank or your natural gas supply line. Cool your drinks with the outdoor rated built in refrigerator. This Barbecue Island is all prewired and ready to plug and play. 

Built with a sturdy 20 gauge steel frame system and weather-resistent HardieBacker cement board, KoKoMo Grills BBQ Islands are built to withstand the harshest of weather climates.


BBQ Island Package Includes:
32 inch Built-In 4 Burner Kokomo BBQ Grill • Access Door, 24 W x 17 H • Outdoor Built in Refrigerator •  7'6" BBQ Island Bar with Seating  •  Prewired Plug and Play Power to BBQ Island • Undercounter Bar Lights 

  • 20 Gauge steel frame on 1 foot centers: The most important aspect of framing is a thorough knowledge of structural design and engineering. Large spans are becoming more prevalent in our industry, our competitors build BBQ Islands on two-foot centers. At Kokomo Grills, we build on a maximum requirement of one-foot centers using 20-gauge steel. This is what prevents our BBQ Islands from twisting and cracking.
  • Island Walls, Concrete Board: The wall’s of our islands are constructed with a cement board made by Hardie Backer. This material is strong and also impermeable to water. Hardie Backer is mold proof, fire proof, and water proof.
  • Synthetic Stucco, Flexible Acrylic: After application of the Hardie Backer, the island is then taped with fiber mesh. We apply coats of “Dryvit brand” flexes with our climate of hot and cold, essentially guaranteeing that your island will not crack or peel. While this quality may go unnoticed on a showroom floor, it is something that will keep your island looking great years after your purchase.
  • Made in the USA: KoKoMo Grill BBQ Islands are sourced and made in the United States.
  • Countertops, Flexible Acrylic Thinset: All of our counter-tops are floated; this ensures the counter to be level preventing cracks in the tile. We use only the best porcelain tiles and natural stones including a variety of travertine, marble, and granite.
  • Trex Floor Composite Decking: Our islands are supported along the base of framing and raised slightly off the ground, supported by a waterproof Trex composite decking that carries a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. Our unique system design offers several benefits to our customers.

    • Build the outdoor oven enclosure of your dreams in brick or stone to fit your individual style. This CBO oven is made of high-grade refractory materials that have alumina, silica and stainless steel fibers throughout the entire mixture. This mixture of materials helps prevent thermal shock, expansion and cracking.
    • The insulation blanket increases heat retention and the oven's unique shape creates a FlameRoll® which pulls the flame horizontally across the top of the dome and then vertically back down the side, creating higher temperatures for superior cooking. This design allows the oven to reach temperatures in excess of 1,000° F.
    • After assembling your CBO-1000 DIY Kit, curing the oven before its first use is a critical, yet a very simple step. See the Manual for instructions on how to cure a CBO Pizza Oven.
    • Conforms to UL STD 2162 & NSF STD 4. Certified to ULC ORD STD C2162
    • Durability: State-of-the-art high temp refractory ovens are reinforced with stainless steel fibers to ensure long-term strength and durability to handle North American climates!
    • Design: Vastly different than barrel shaped ovens, our proprietary low dome design, flue system and refractory materials create an exclusive and dynamic Flame Roll™ - the only way to generate temps as high as 1000° for true wood-fired taste.
    • Heat Retention: CBO’s entire product line is built to retain heat inside the ovens versus constant refueling.
    • Aesthetics: The CBO Flame Roll™ is also eye catching and visually enticing, making these ovens the centerpiece of backyards and commercial patios – especially at night!
    • Specially designed to create the high temperature and heat vacuum needed to cook food to its flavorful best.
    • Our oven design and materials let your customers take full advantage of all cooking methods used by professional chefs—radiant heat, convection and conduction
    • Chicago Brick Oven designs are inspired by traditional oven designs first used over four thousand years ago. The secret is our authentic, low-height Neapolitan dome design.
    • The design creates a unique FlameRoll,™ which generates high, even temperatures for balanced cooking and genuine wood fired taste.
    • Reinforced with stainless steel fibers in refractory brick material for strength and durability.

    Pre-assembled, L-Shaped
    Total Cooking Area
    740 square inches
    BBQ Island Material
    20 gauge steel frame; choice of stucco, stone and countertops 
    Assembled Bar Length
    Assembled Bar Height
    Assembled Bar Width
    Assembled Grill Side Length
    Assembled Grill Side Width
    815 LB
    Manufacturer Warranty
    Limited, Lifetime
    Country of Origin

  • Lifetime Warranty: Built with 304 stainless steel, all KoKoMo appliances come with a Lifetime Warranty. 304 stainless steel is used around the world due to excellent corrosion resistance. 304 stainless can also withstand corrosion from most oxidizing acids. That durability makes 304 easy.
  • Design: All Kokomo Grill hoods have dual wall construction, which means that the stainless steel will never fade or lose its color, making it look brand new years down the road. We engineered this grill with a more squared-off hood to give it a more "dominant" look.
  • Infrared Backburner: The KoKoMo Grill backburner gets up to 1000 degrees in under 30 seconds.
  • Ceramic Searing Briquette System: These briquettes provide even heating throughout the entire surface of the grill, and they do an amazing job
    at distributing the heat. They do not break down, and they prevent
    flare ups.
  • Stainless Steel Tube Burners: Combined to produce 60,000 BTUs.
  • SureLight Ignition: KoKoMo's reliable blow torch ignition system allows your grill to fire up on the first click. Every single knob has its own individual system. 
  • Fuel Type: Available in Liquid Propane or Natural Gas

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