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  • Next-Level Outdoor Entertaining. Transform your outdoor dining experience with our versatile CBO-750 Countertop Pizza Oven, placed on our sturdy custom built trailer. With a roomy hearth, you'll be able to serve up large feasts for friends and family.

    Set Includes:
    6-Piece Oven - Dome, 3-piece Hearth (38" X 28" cooking surface), Arch, Decorative Door Hood Color - Available in Silver Vein, Copper Vein or customized colors, logo Install Kit - Anchor Plate, Insulating Board & Blanket, Steel Plate, Mortar Accessory Package - Pizza Peel, Brush, Infrared Thermometer Gun Trailer - Mounted on 2-axle aluminum Tailgater Pizza Oven trailer built exclusively for Chicago Brick Oven

    • MADE IN THE USA: High-performance outdoor pizza ovens sourced and made in the USA to ensure safe and reliable year-round cooking.
    • VERSATILITY: Signature FlameRoll® generates high, even temperatures, allowing you to fire up anything including grilled meats, roasted vegetables, bubbling cheeses, flaky pizza crusts, and more.
    • INCOMPARABLE FLAVOR: Anything cooked on a grill or in a conventional oven can be prepared in a wood-burning oven. The difference? Everything tastes better when it’s wood-fired.
    • ENJOY WOOD-FIRED FLAVOR ON THE GO. Looking for the convenience of a grill with the authentic flavor of a wood-burning oven? Our CBO-Tailgater Mobile Pizza Oven features a custom-built heavy duty trailer. It's practical for any get together, and offers the flexibility to accommodate any location.
    • The CBO-750 Tailgater lets you bring the wood-fired cooking action to your guests. These mobile ovens provide a large cooking surface and durable design to showcase your culinary skills at any outdoor event.
    • Our commercial ovens are certified to UL and NSF4 Standards. It's never been easier to entertain the masses at any outdoor event with the one-of-a-kind dining experience that the Tailgater offers.
    • The Residential (R) oven is certified for outdoor Residential use only.
    • Curing the oven before its first use is a critical, yet very simple
    • Conforms to UL STD 2162 & NSF STD 4. Certified to ULC ORD STD C2163
    • Durability: State-of-the-art high temp refractory ovens are reinforced with stainless steel fibers to ensure long-term strength and durability to handle North American climates!
    • Design: Vastly different than barrel shaped ovens, our proprietary low dome design, flue system and refractory materials create an exclusive and dynamic Flame Roll™ - the only way to generate temps as high as 1000° for true wood-fired taste.
    • Heat Retention: CBO’s entire product line is built to retain heat inside the ovens versus constant refueling.
    • Aesthetics: The CBO Flame Roll™ is also eye catching and visually enticing, making these ovens the centerpiece of any gathering – especially at night!
    • Tailgater - 750 Tailgater Pizza Oven mounted on 2-axle Aluminum trailer built exclusively for Chicago Brick Oven
    • Oven with Trailer Weight: 1,073 lbs. Tailgater, Trailer Hitch Ball Size: 2”, Optimal ball height from ground: 15"
    • Trailer Internal Storage Approximately 44” X 22” X 46”
    • 4 Wire Trailer Lighting - Cable connects to towing car to allow for brake lights and turn signals
    • Specially designed to create the high temperature and heat vacuum needed to cook food to its flavorful best.
    • Our oven design and materials let your customers take full advantage of all cooking methods used by professional chefs—radiant heat, convection and conduction
    • Chicago Brick Oven designs are inspired by traditional oven designs first used over four thousand years ago. The secret is our authentic, low-height Neapolitan dome design.
    • The design creates a unique FlameRoll,™ which generates high, even temperatures for balanced cooking and genuine wood fired taste.
    • Reinforced with stainless steel fibers in refractory brick material for strength and durability.

    Total Cooking Area
    1064 "2
    Hearth Material
    Refractory Brick Hearth, NSF 4
    Hood Material
    Powder Coat Paint on 18 ga Steel
    Assembled Depth
    Assembled Height
    Assembled Width
    Hearth Depth
    Hearth Width
    1073 LB
    Manufacturer Warranty
    12 Month
    Country of Origin
    Additional Documents

  • Chicago Brick Oven, a manufacturer of ovens, warrants the products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of shipment. Local regulations about wood-burning and gas-burning equipment should be consulted.


    The complete Warranty is further subject to the following qualifications:

    1. The oven must be installed in accordance with CBO installation instructions and local building codes.
    2. Moisture can cause significant damage to the oven/hearth. Therefore, the enclosure/shroud (stone, brick, stucco, etc.) that surrounds the oven/hearth must be sealed and waterproof. Failure to do so will void this Warranty.
    3. The oven is subjected to normal use, including burning such natural gas fuels as non-treated wood. Fuel products with abnormal burning characteristics including, but not limited to, fuel such as driftwood, coal or plywood and wood products using a binder, may burn at excessive temperatures and may cause damage to the oven or may cause it to function improperly. CBO does not warrant the oven when such fuels have been used.
    4. This Warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear. Note that all refractory materials will form small cracks over time. These cracks will not affect the performance of the oven.
    5. This Warranty does not apply to any cracking caused by over-firing or the failure to follow a proper curing schedule as outlined in the User Manual supplied with your oven or found online at
    6. All CBO ovens are shipped FOB Factory by a third-party carrier. It is the recipient’s responsibility to inspect the product(s) for damage before accepting/signing for the delivery. Damages incurred during shipment must be addressed with the carrier at the time of delivery.
    7. A certain amount of pitting naturally occurs during the vibration and screeding (leveling and smoothing) techniques used in manufacturing refractory precast shapes. Also, due to the blending of minerals used to create refractory and the high temperatures used to kiln-fire the oven’s dome, hearth and arch, some color variation may occur. These variations are cosmetic and are not detrimental to the function of the oven.
    8. Any alterations made to prefabricated ovens without written approval from Chicago Brick Oven will void Warranty.


    It is expressly agreed and understood that CBO’s sole obligation and purchaser’s exclusive remedy under this Warranty, under any other warranty, expressed or implied, otherwise, shall be limited to replacement, repair, or refund, as specified above. In no event shall CBO be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages caused by defects in its products, whether such damage occurs or is discovered before or after replacement or repair, and whether or not such damage is caused by CBO’s negligence. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. The duration of any implied warranty with respect to this oven is limited to the duration of the foregoing warranty. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above may not apply to you.


    CBO reserves the right to investigate any and all claims against this Warranty and to decide upon the method of settlement. 


    CBO employees and dealers have no authority to make any warranties, nor to authorize any remedies in addition to or inconsistent with those stated above.


    In order for any claim under this Warranty to be valid, CBO must be notified of the claimed defect in writing via email ( or by telephone (+1-877-232-5079). Claims against this Warranty in writing should include the date of installation and a description of the defect.


    Regardless of who we are or where we live, it’s human nature to gather around fire. Cooking food, sharing stories and enjoying the warmth of camaraderie. These are some of the reasons why our ovens feature a visible in‑chamber fire. All CBO models In-chamber fires double as a beautiful sight for you and your guests.

    Unlike common outdoor ovens that obscure the flames and flickering embers with out-of-chamber fire designs, our ovens are modeled on the ancient Neapolitan oven. And not just for the looks. But for the authentic wood-fired flavor thats been around for centuries.


    An authentic wood-fired brick oven starts with an in-chamber fire. And true to traditional Italian wood-fired ovens, our design features a low, igloo-shaped dome. A modern and efficient flue system ensures that smoke won’t escape through the front of your oven.

    Our FlameRoll™ creates a vacuum for concentrated heat up to 1,000ºF. The high-performance design allows you to include radiant heat, convection and conduction in your outdoor cooking repertoire. It’s versatility that’s perfect for the professional or at-home chef. 


    Generations of European oven makers provided the original blueprint for our wood-fired brick ovens. These elegant designs have stood the test of time in temperate regions of Spain, Italy and Germany. But winter in Maine or Wisconsin? Well, that’s another story entirely.

    Unlike most wood-fired ovens of today, which are imported to the U.S., our ovens are American made and certified to UL and NSF4 Standards. With a proprietary refractory cement formula and stainless steel fiber reinforcement, they’re designed for maximum durability even in extreme climates from coast to coast.


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